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7 Ways of Protecting Your Luxury Home

7 Ways of Protecting Your Luxury Home

Leaving your luxury residence is something that just happens a lot in Miami. Seen mostly as a vacation area, many high-profile residences are being empty for a good part of the year.

Here are recommendations on how to protect your home while you are away:


Get help from trusted friends or neighbors

Before you start any kind of vacation, regardless of the length of time, it is always a good idea to inform trusted friends, family or neighbors. Ask them to check your home occasionally to prevent it from looking so empty, and when they are there, they can pick up any of your mail, water the plants, and usually pay close attention to things. If any criminals are monitoring your home, if there is activity, it will reduce the target. In addition, if you have informed neighbors, they will be able to notify the authorities immediately if they discover any suspicious activity.

Clean up the garden 

A messy yard, messy lawns and overgrown bushes may be a paradise for ordinary thieves, providing perfect cover on your property. Before you leave for a vacation, please make sure that your outdoor areas are kept as clean as possible. Make sure to have a gardener who can keep the lawn, trim any bushes, and make sure that your front door can be easily seen from the road. When you are away, the gardener has to perform any regular maintenance, as any activity should act as a deterrent to thieves.

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Install a home security system

One of the best products you can buy to improve the safety of your home is an alarm system. Home security systems are great because many of them can connect directly to your phone or tablet. If any of your alarms are triggered, you will be able to receive notifications in real time and even see the real-time dynamics of your home. To find the best alarm system for you, be sure to conduct research first, get professional advice and choose the most advanced system to ensure the safety of your luxury home.


Put valuables out of sight 

In any case, it should not be easy for a thief to be able to peek through the window, but if your house is set up to make this possible, always make sure to store any valuables in a safe and the safe is secure. If you have any electronic equipment, artwork or other valuables that you see through the window, please try to keep them out of sight, but in the end, don't let anyone easily find the valuables in your home.

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Have protected doors and windows

Because your doors and windows are the weakest points of your home and the most obvious entry points for a burglar, it's worth reinforcing them before you go on vacation. To keep sliding windows and doors from opening from the outside, insert a rod or stick into the tracks, and for ordinary doors, acquire an electronic deadbolt.

Have a good lighting system

Installing motion sensor lighting outside your home is one of the simplest ways to protect your home while you are gone. This manner, anyone who initiates the response will be illuminated and exposed, potentially scaring away any possible intruder. Choose solar-powered lights instead of incandescent lights for a more environmentally friendly solution.

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Get the right luxury property manager

To have real peace of mind, we would recommend going with this option. This is the easiest and most effective option.

As property managers we will be on alert 24/7, conducting regular maintenance of your residence. Luxury Residential Management is devoted to providing a 5-star service to our clients, and there is no other way but perfection when it comes to working with us.

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