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Are you in town for Art Basel?

Are you in town for Art Basel?

Part of what makes Miami such a vibrant arts and culture destination is its lively and ever-changing gallery scene. If you're in town for Art Basel Miami Beach and Miami Art Week 2021 in December, be sure to check out the local galleries. While Wynwood was previously the core of the gallery industry, new up-and-coming neighborhoods including the Design District, Little Haiti, South Beach, Downtown Miami, Allapattah, and Little Havana are drawing an increasing number of artist studios and galleries.

There are usually intriguing exhibits on show at Miami's galleries, especially during Miami Art Week, with an emphasis on cutting-edge contemporary art by both new and recognized local and international artists. During Art Basel Miami Beach 2021, here's your guide to the must-see galleries in Miami.


Gary Nader Art Center

Gary Nader Art Centre is a cornerstone in Miami's gallery scene, specializing in Latin American modern and contemporary art. Nader is one of the most sought-after dealers for art from this region, including blue-chip painters like as Fernando Botero, Diego Rivera, and Wilfredo Lam.

Spinello Projects

Spinello Projects, founded by Anthony Spinello in 2005, is one of Miami's most ambitious and challenging galleries. His intuition for upcoming contemporary superstars like as Agustina Woodgate has catapulted his gallery into the prestigious halls of Art Basel Miami Beach. He founded The Annex in 2017 as a gallery, creative space, and innovative platform for mobile site-specific and curatorial initiatives to provide potential up-and-coming Miami-based curators, art organizers, and artists a place to work. It is presently housed at the Gesamtkunstwerk Building in Allapattah.


Contemporary N'Namdi

Jumaane N'Namdi, a second-generation art dealer, opened N'Namdi Contemporary in Little Haiti as a sister gallery to his Chicago gallery. He has an eye for establishing prominent art collections as a consultant and curator for both private and corporate clientele, with a concentration on master, mid-career, and emerging artists. His artists include Ed Clark, a New Orleans-born abstract expressionist, and Eric Stephenson, a metal sculptor.


Primary. was created in 2007 by artists BooksIII Bischof and Typoe, as well as curator Cristina Gonzalez, on the leading edge of Miami's art scene. With several street artists and muralists in its program, like Miami-based artist Magnus Sodamin and Los Angeles-based artist Kenton Parker, the interdisciplinary group thinks beyond the limit of museum walls.

Dorsch, Emerson

Emerson Dorsch Gallery, which opened in 1991, was one of the earliest Wynwood galleries, ushering in the current arts neighborhood. In 2017, they also spearheaded the move of galleries to Little Haiti. Brook Dorsch and Tyler Emerson-Dorsch, a husband-and-wife team, are dedicated to a core of chosen South Florida artists while also hosting exhibits by young and mid-career visiting artists.

Nina Johnson 

Nina Johnson-Milewski opened Gallery Diet in Wynwood in 2007 before renaming her shop Nina Johnson and relocating to Little Haiti. Bakti Baxter and Emmett Moore are two powerful Miami-based artists she represents. The focus of her gallery is on design and sculpture.


The Fredric Snitzer Gallery

Fredric Snitzer, who founded his eponymous gallery in Coral Gables in the 1970s, is a pioneer in the field of Miami galleries. It is still one of the few Miami galleries to present at Art Basel Miami Beach every year, and it is located in Downtown Miami's Arts & Entertainment District. Hernan Bas, Alice Aycock, and Maria Martinez-Canas are among the artists on his strong list.


Oolite Arts

Art Center South Florida, a Lincoln Road fixture since 1984, has morphed into Oolite Arts, a cultural complex and artist studio space that houses roughly 20 artists-in-residence. Visitors can view current exhibitions and active studios seven days a week for an insight into the artists' creative processes during open studio hours.

David Castillo

David Castillo has maintained his image as one of the city's premier art dealers by being one of the few Miami art gallery owners to present at Art Basel Miami Beach. He has an amazing portfolio of modern artists, including Miami video artist Jillian Mayer, who he represents from his new gallery location in the Design District.


Locust Projects

Locust Projects is a not-for-profit exhibition venue committed to offering an experimental canvas to young contemporary artists without the restrictions and limits of established galleries. It was founded in Wynwood in 1998 by a trio of Miami-based artists. They moved to the Design District in 2009, where they now display works by both visiting and local artists.


The Futurama 1637 Art Building

The Futurama Building in Little Havana houses 12 artists and functions as an artist studio and exhibition space. Their purpose is to improve understanding and practice of modern visual arts and culture in Little Havana, and they are located on Calle Ocho. A visit here is a terrific opportunity to get a taste of Miami's innovative Cuban community's modern art all in one place.


Mindy Solomon Gallery

Mindy Solomon Gallery, which launched in 2009, explores the connection of art and design via a continuous interaction between two and three-dimensional objects while supporting diasporic voices. She develops a feeling of community through her gallery's exhibits and public talks, which include both mid-career and rising international artists in painting, sculpture, photography, and video.

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