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Taking care during Hurricane

Taking care during Hurricane

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Florida was affected by 42 percent of all hurricanes.

There have been 97 big and severe hurricanes since records began, with 88 percent of them hitting either Texas or Florida, with Miami being struck 31 times. The 1935 Labor Day Hurricane was one of the greatest hurricanes to hit Florida, killing numerous people and destroying communities.

Hurricane frequency and intensity are increasing as a result of climate change. This is awful news for Florida homeowners.

Our organization is handled by people who live in Miami full-time, so we understand the gravity of hurricanes and their effects on residents.

In the event of a hurricane, each home has its own Hurricane Preparedness plan. This action plan is implemented at the start of the season. If a tropical storm or hurricane is on its way, we will begin preparing for your stay right away. Every update will be delivered to you in real-time via your selected method of communication.

Meanwhile, outdoor furniture and fixtures, collections and valuables, windows and doors, autos and golf carts, backup generators, and other items will be prepared at your residence.

When the cyclone passes, the first thing Luxury Residential Management will do is inspect your residence. We will arrive at your residence, record any losses or damages, and then begin the process of restoring your residence to its pre-hurricane state.

As concierges and property managers, it is our first priority to look after you.

Our home managers are dedicated to the excellent maintenance of each house and are competent, informed, professional, and insured.

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