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Rental Property Maintenance Checklist for Landlords

Rental Property Maintenance Checklist for Landlords

Rental property owners in Miami, Florida are riding the real estate boom. The median home price in Miami is now over $600,000. There is also a shortage of available rental properties and tenants are struggling to find affordable housing.

Existing real estate owners stand to benefit from these conditions. They can take advantage of increasing rents to boost their profit margins.

Rental property maintenance is also an important facet of increasing profit margins. Preventative maintenance helps avoid major repairs that increase operating costs.

Read on to learn how to maintain a rental property. Explore topics such as landlord maintenance responsibilities and property inspections.

Service the HVAC

In the Florida heat, air conditioning is one of the most impactful home assets. You cannot live comfortably with the average Miami temperature over 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Replacing an HVAC is expensive and property managers need to protect this investment. Performing routine maintenance extends the service life of your air conditioner. It also improves HVAC performance, which will lead to satisfied tenants.

Simple maintenance tasks like replacing the air filter go a long way. On the outside, clearing debris from the air condenser is also helpful.

Inspect the Roof

Inclement weather is normal for residents of southeast Florida. It rains hard and frequently in the spring and summer. Florida also commonly sees hurricanes and tropical storms.

The roof is your property's first line of defense against inclement weather. As such, it takes a pounding over the years.

Property inspections are a good time to check the roof's integrity. Look for leaking and degraded roofing shingles. Replace damaged areas proactively to avoid expensive water damage inside the house.

Clean the Gutters

After the roof, the gutters are the next element of home protection. Rain runs down the roof, into the gutters, and flows away from the home.

If the gutters are clogged or non-functional, water will pool around the home's foundation and exterior. This ultimately leads to flooding and water damage. Clogged gutters may also break off the house and cause physical damage.

Comprehensive Property Inspections

It is wise to keep a close eye on your rental properties. Take a walk around the property to make sure everything checks out.

As mentioned, you should look at the roof, gutters, and air condenser. It is also critical to inspect windows and doors. Make sure the locks are working properly and the home is secure.

You can also schedule a routine maintenance walkthrough in the rental agreement. This way, you can check for pets or make sure the smoke detectors are working correctly.

Cut Back Trees and Bushes

Few things kill curb appeal like overgrown trees and bushes. At some point, you will need to bring in new tenants and write up a new rental agreement.

It does not take much effort or cost to cut back trees and bushes. Keeping them away from the house also prevents animals from using them to access the roof or other parts of the house.

Your Guide to Rental Property Maintenance

You are now ready to maintain your rental property. A little effort upfront will reduce maintenance costs in the long run.

Steps like servicing your air conditioner and cleaning the gutters go a long way. Proactive property maintenance aims to avoid costly repairs that eat into your profit margin.

If you want to learn more about rental property maintenance, contact us today to speak with an experienced professional.

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