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Things to consider about your skylights

Things to consider about your skylights

You realize the necessity of considering the benefits and drawbacks of home renovation projects as a property owner. How much will it set you back? Is it going to be worth it?

Don't panic if you're asking these questions while you choose whether or not to replace your roof's skylights. This article will throw some light on skylight replacements (no pun intended).

Signs that your skylight needs to be replaced

There are signals that your skylight should be replaced instead than fixed. Keep an eye out for the following to keep your property in tip-top shape all year:

#1 The Skylight Age

Your skylight has a ten-year lifetime. As a result, you should keep track of when your house was built. You can check with your county records office if you're not sure when your building was built.

#2 Dislocation

Yellowing is a natural part of the aging process for windows. There will also be bubbling around the skylight. The darkening of the glass will prevent adequate light from passing through. Because a skylight's purpose is to let light in, this is a definite indicator that it's time to replace it.

#3 A Cracked Window

Don't wait until the entire window has broken. The presence of cracks on the window's surface indicates that it should be replaced. They may appear little, yet they can enable water to slip through. As a result, mold and mildew can grow in your attic. Paint might peel as a result of leaks. This can be a headache in property management, so repair your skylights as soon as possible.

#4 Condensation

Another clue that your skylight needs to be replaced is condensation. When the glass isn't properly sealed or the sealant has "worn off," this happens. You should handle this problem as soon as possible, since it may need the replacement of the entire roof.

#5 Roof Replacement

If you're repairing your roof in the first place, you should also consider replacing your skylight. This will help you save both time and money. See some of the reasons why you should replace your skylight with a roof in the list below.

When Should Your Roof Skylights Be Replaced?

Repairing your skylights is sometimes more cost-effective than replacing them. If your skylights are less than five years old, they may just require minor maintenance. If your skylight is five to ten years old and has been leaking for a long time, it may need more substantial repairs. If your skylights are ten to fifteen years old and always leak, the most cost-effective approach is to replace them.

Furthermore, if your roof does not require replacing, you might choose to fix your skylights. A typical asphalt shingle roof lasts for twenty years. Other roofing materials, such as slate, copper, and tile, have a longer lifespan.

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