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The best time to invest is now

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According to data from the Miami Association of Realtors, the residential market in the area continues to soar as businesses, remote workers and Snowbirds migrate to South Florida, although some markets have experienced monthly declines for the first time this year.Inventory is b...

Why choose Luxury Residential Management to manage your property?

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Choosing the right property management is important. And only in the Miami market we have more than 50+ companies to help you with your property.So why LRM instead of someone else? We are specialized in luxury property management.Unlike our sister company - Pristine Property...

Hottest Events Miami Will Have In October

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OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER ARE ENTERTAINMENT MONTHS IN MIAMI.Miami Entertainment Months, October and November, are two months of concerts, events, and special incentives. It's the ideal method to get a behind-the-scenes look at the local entertainment scene. Discover the sights, so...

Five Best Miami Neighborhoods To Have Residence In

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1. Star IslandAs you pass through the heavily guarded gate of Star Island, you are transported into the lavish world of supermodels, A-list celebrities, professional athletes and business moguls. There are only thirty-three opulent mansions and multi-million dollar estates on the...

Choose the right private jet for you

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Private aviation is all about having the freedom to choose the aircraft that will transport you to your next location. The range of options is endless, from little turboprops to massive transatlantic jets, but picking the perfect one might make or break your private jet trip. Eve...

Our Values

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Values of Luxury Residential Management:We listen, we care, we serve from integrityAs Estate Manager, we are to always serve the best interest and desires of the Family. Our primary responsibility is to be of service to them. We take 100% responsibility Peace of mind. ...

7 Ways of Protecting Your Luxury Home

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Leaving your luxury residence is something that just happens a lot in Miami. Seen mostly as a vacation area, many high-profile residences are being empty for a good part of the year.Here are recommendations on how to protect your home while you are away: Get help from truste...

Your residency’s protection during a Hurricane.

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As reported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 42% of all hurricanes hit Florida.  Since observation has started, there have been 97 major and serious hurricanes, 88% of which eventually hit either Texas or Florida and Miami has been hit 31 times. One...

What are the qualities of a good luxury Property Manager?

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As professionals, some qualities are the same across the board, but luxury property managers need to have a few more in keeping with the stature of the property they deal with. Luxury properties tend to need more care and attention than standard residential properties. As a resul...

We wish you a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

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Luxury Residential Management, LLC190 NE 111 St Miami Shores FL, 33161 1-305-400-4632 #homewatch #luxurypropertymanagement #miamiluxurypropertymanagement #floridaluxurypropertymanagement#luxuryresidences
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